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Scott Xavier, recognized as one of the world’s premiere mentalists, performs his slight of mind skills for Fortune 500 companies & beyond; from Kellogg’s to the Platinum Selling musicians such as Owl City, Scott Xavier is the choice of elite professionals who need their events to be unforgettable.

an 80-minute interactive entertainment of the demonstrations of the impossible urban legends you’ve only heard about. Xavier blends incredible “psychic” feats, mixing illusion, intuition, applied psychology, escapology, and advanced non-verbal communication skills into an evening of pulse pounding excitement. His one-man show includes remarkable mental feats, around a CSI forensics and Sherlock Holmes like theme. Scott is the regular solution to high-end meetings and sales seminars for top rated companies such as Kellogg’s, Exxon Mobil, Food Network, Phibro Chemicals, Harley-Davidson, & other discerning clientele.

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Leave your guests with unforgettable memories of comedy mind reading and award winning entertainment by hiring Scott for your next special occasion, corporate event, or college activity.

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  • Pulse Pounding Russian roulette
  • Non Verbal Body Language revealed
  • Learn to harness your photographic memory
  • Mind over matter spoon bending
  • Hypnosis mind control you can use in business!
  • & More too amazing to reveal…

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