Called the Best Corporate Mentalist & Magician, by TOP Fortune 500 companies for unique event entertainment!

Scott Xavier mixes audience interactive entertainment featuring mind reading, magic, hypnosis, & comedy!

EXCITE your event with an entertainer, & comedian that GUARANTEES to motivate and promote your corporate brand with moments of REAL magic! 

Scott is a trained forensic mentalist revealing thought-of words, names, dates, and pictures guaranteed!

No secret is safe from this unique corporate entertainer. Using a forensic skill he can peek inside your thoughts and craft the perfect interactive evening.

As an event planner you are expected to find the perfect entertainer for your event, and corporate mentalist Scott Xavier is your solution! With over a decade of experience generating his income from company functions, you can understand that this mentalist has the right blend of business tested mind reading, comedy, MIND BLOWING entertainment, friendly personable demeanor, and a crafted business etiquette honed after thousands of hours of shows for exclusive Fortune 500 corporate events.

An award-winning entertainer, Xavier will provide the perfect mix of cocktail strolling magic and then mix in what rated the BEST CORPORATE MIND READER!


Hire the best Corporate Mentalist for your NEXT Event

Excite your next corporate event by hiring corporate mentalist & magician Scott Xavier to create a one of a kind experience.  Featuring jaw dropping illusions your guests will be on the edge of their seats as they experience REAL mind reading mixed with  connect to make your event truly magical!

With a degree in psychology and a career as a forensics technician, Xavier is known as a forensic mentalist. Elevate your corporate event & seem like the super star meeting planner by creating a custom tailored entertainment or keynote experience with award-winning entertainer Scott Xavier.

Remember that your events success is essential to our goals, so all our mentalism shows are 100% guaranteed.


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