October 18, 2017 scottxavier

40% SALE -Weekday Holiday Entertainment

40% Discount on Holiday Party Illusionist & Mentalist Scott Xavier6B65411D-7E9C-4AC7-ABD0-BCB0ADE703FB

Let’s face it the holiday season is a perfect time to get back to your customers and your employees. But the cost of good quality holiday entertainment that is appropriate can be quite taxing. The beautiful news is that holiday entertainments is the largest tax write-off of any expenses. When you hire a corporate Mentalist such as myself, Scott Xavier, you guarantee Top Notch entertainment with 80% back come tax time.

Plus everyone books for two weekends in December and then two weekends in January. Why not try something different why not have an in office holiday party and save! With a 40% sale for any weekdays in December or January, Scott Xavier is producing the world’s finest entertainment for your holiday event at an unbelievable price.

World famous NBA legend Michael Jordan call Scott Xavier the best he’s ever seen. And radio shock jock Mancow says: “you’re really good!”

Don’t your employees deserve the BEST? From reading the minds of audience members to floating a spectator in mid air, Scott has the perfect entertainment for any event!

Call us today for details 312.725.0190 as dates are VANISHING quickly!

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