December 14, 2016 scottxavier

The BEST New York mentalist to excite your Holiday party!

Why not hire New York mentalist Scott Xavier for your corporate event and leave them speechless…

You might be wondering how you can make your New York corporate event stand out from the others. With holiday parties being the perfect way to give back to your employees, New York Mentalist Scott Xavier has been the name for exclusive events across Manhattan and the boroughs.

How does this corporate mentalist WOW a crowd?

New York Mentalist at a corporate show!From plucking the name of your first pet from your audience members mind to playing a game of blindfolded Russian Roulette, the mysteries of the mind are explored. Although never claiming to be psychic, Scott Xavier will present an audience interactive event that is called:

Amazing, the Best Ive seen! by Michael Jordan

You never want to know too much about the show, you might not even believe it, but know that Top Fortune 500 execs and elite celebrities are left speechless by The Mind Reader Live show! And of course your event is GUARANTEED!

How the mentalist will break the ice

Standing ovation from the first Holiday party of the year!

With the standard corporate audience, corporate mentalist Xavier will stroll your crowd for an hour to break the ice. At Holiday parties it is essential to break the ice with your guests. Having a magician/mentalist will ensure everyone is entertained and calm. There is never anything embarrassing, instead this strolling cocktail feature get people into the “magic”.

The stage mentalism show is fully customizable. We like to recommend 45 minutes to start and then go from there. Usually the show will be an hour and 20 minutes, but depending on how the open bar flows, sometimes a shorter or longer performance is needed. The key is that everyone has fun! Since New York Mentalist Xavier is yours for the evening, you wont have to worry about time. He arrives early and stays late!


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