Keto Diet: Monday Alcoholic Drink Recipe

Keto Diet Alcoholic Drinks

As many of you know I am on the Ketogenic diet.

The keto diet is a great thing. However, sometimes you’ll want to be social as drink. Consuming alcohol will slow your weight loss. But here is a delicious recipe. By the way the liver will go into a faster ketosis when alcohol is present. You will also experience heightened feelings of being drunk. So be careful! I’ll produce another recipe every week. This recipe made me allot of money in tips as a magician bartender. Everyone loves it. In sure you will too. Enjoy!

The New Old Fashioned

The new old fashion drink recipe for the keto dietCalories 105

Carbs 0 Grams


1 to 1.5 Ounces of Bullet Rye Bourbon (1.5 if you can handle it.)

Orange Slice

Maraschino Cherry


One Packet Stevia or Sugar Substitute


Place your Orange slice in the bottom of a rocks glass, pour your sugar substitute, over the Orange, place your cherry on top of the Orange slice, muddle ingredients. If you don’t know what that is, mash the ingredients gentle with a muddle or a spoon. Your breaking apart the Orange pulp and the cherry making sure to mix all three ingredients together. Add in the Bourbon. Add 3 or 4 ice cubes in the glass and gently swirl everything together for 4 seconds with a straw.

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