The perfect Holiday party entertainment!

Holiday Party entertainment your guests will NEVER forget!

holiday party entertainment

The Holiday Party entertainment is ESSENTIAL for the end of year party. Holiday parties have become the perfect way for companies to craft a moment of thank you to their employees! Having the perfect entertainment is essential to help create the perfect mood for your evening.

By hiring corporate mentalist & magician Scott Xavier for your holiday party entertainment, you will excite your party with an award-winning entertainer who will leave your guests astounded. From strolling your cocktail party to providing an audience interactive stage show, your guests will have their minds read, experience mind over matter psychokinesis, and other psychological-illusions. Mixing in just enough comedy your night will rise above everyones standards, and you will become the true star of the night. This is the reason why Scott Xavier is hired back consistently at exclusive Fortune 500 company events when they need unforgettable entertainment.

Whether you call him a corporate mentalist or magician, your guests will never forget the fun they experience. As January is now becoming the new December, reserve your date now so that you will be able to experience what was called amazing by America’s Got Talent…

Predicting the World Series- One night in Gettysburg

Predicting the World series

Being a  Mentalist I’ve studied many prophets abilities to read minds and foretell the future. This World Series finale game was almost a prophetic vision for myself. I knew before the game even started and before the season started that the Chicago Cubs would make it to the World Series. I told some friends and Gettysburg before the game started I predicted this years ago and that the Cubs would actually win. I’m not sure how much of what I do is actually psychic and how much is actually statistics but I can tell you that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Chicago Cubs were going to win.

Everybody was asking a Mentalist if you’re really able to predict the future, which I’m not because I’m a mind-reader, but nobody realizes that. Tell us who’s going to win the World Series. I told them put your money on the Chicago Cubs. Everybody’s like no it’s going to be Ohio they’ve got it I know this. I was like you listen to me now I’ve never been more sure of this or anything else in my life the Chicago Cubs will win in 2016.

Now famous in Gettysburg I’ve got a strange name for myself as being the guy who predicted the Chicago Cubs. Start scaring people I’ve kind of scared me. There’s times in my life when I can just sense things and they come to me. Such as the fact that Donald Trump will win the presidency. If you look at my archives above, I predicted over a year ago that Donald Trump would Slaughter Secretary of State Clinton in an election.

President trump predicted...

The media may have you believe that he lost the popular vote. But this is not true I have a feeling and a prediction that if they start counting the absentee ballots which they normally don’t, he’ll be over 400,000 additional popular votes would you put him slightly above g Hilary Clinton. Once again the people of Gettysburg were scared but my bility to predict the presidential nomination to. You see sometimes you just give visions and you go with them. And that’s what I do. I’m not sure if it’s psychic I’m not sure if it’s wisdom but it is so clear in my mind the outcome of the world that one comes to me I have to to let it be known.

Here’s my tweet from a year ago where Google predicts Clinton but I predict president Trump

You’re the BEST MAGICIAN for our corporate party!

This weekend was the Connecticut Renaissance Fair in New Haven Connecticut where I performed as a renaissance fair magician and mind reader!
It was a complete blast! The while weekend, I had spectators coming up to me raving about how they enjoyed my show! It truly boosted my ego to new levels.

Accidental corporate magician excited the night!

Then a group of people came up to me and told me it read their night out from work and that I was the best corporate entertainer they ever had! I laughed of course because I wasn’t hired specially for their party, however I’m no stranger to bringing excitement to guests as a corporate magician.

If anyone out there in cyber space is looking for a corporate magician to make your event the one they won’t forget, be sure to check out the rest of the site and make contact!

FINALLY, Scientist proves mind over matter exists!

Using the observer effect, scientists prove that thought actually influences matter

doubleslit1In science, a new experiment process that thought does alter matter! It has been shown that on a quantum level, the photon travels both as a particle and as a wave. This is going to sound crazy, but it all depends on whether we observe it or not. Using a slit pattern in a material and sing a photon upon it, the light goes through as a particle and on the opposite side of the material you see a slit light pattern on the photo sensitive sensor.

Now do the same process but do not observe it… The pattern is wave like… Check the video below for another example of how thought alters matter proof.

Florida Keys Lobster Catching tricks and tips

So now that I’m a Florida resident, I have been looking for secrets to catch lobsters. If the truth is lobsters love Bridges docks and any freestanding structure like that. They also enjoy shallow Rocky areas.

Since I have a sailboat and I haven’t Denny I often take the dinghy out into shallower Waters and try catching lobsters. Once you catch one it’s kind of surprising. It’s not as hard as you think it would be and it’s actually quite allot of fun.

Tomorrow I’m going to jump into the water and try again. I usually free dive. So all you need is a tickle stick in that and I’d highly recommend some gloves. They do you get spiny and they are not pleasant hold on to. It’s not horrible you really don’t need gloves it just helps in the long run. Always have a measuring tool to be sure that they are the proper size. Below is a cool guide on how to actually scuba dive or free dive and catch lobsters remember it tickle stick is not a tool to spear a lobster instead you’re just taking it out on the chest and getting it to move into your bag. Remember if they’re out in the water you want to get the neck and back of the lobsters as they Scurry backwards.

In Daytona and need boating supplies check these guys out!

I myself in for Marathon Florida, but my uncle lives in Port Orange Florida. This means that when I’m in the Daytona area that off and look for boating supplies. I needed a Bimini top and just needed some running lights for everything that I have and for my sailboat, so I stopped by and found great deals at Daytona Surplus Marine !
 Do your boat a favor!

This secret saves this mentalist hundreds on airfare!

International touring corporate mentalist reveals secret to saving big on airfare!

Because I travel all the time as a corporate Mentalist, I have to save money where I can. Airfare is one of the biggest expenses any businessman can come into. This is why I have found this interesting trick to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on airfare a year. Most people book airfare on Saturdays, and this is horrible! The weekends are the beginning of the sales Wars, so that’s when the prices come out. If you really want to save money you book on a Tuesday, all Airlines compete and will price match competing Airlines prices on Tuesdays, and will often even go lower on the competition will. To learn more about this check out the link below

Unique corporate entertainment for your sales meeting or holiday party!

Corporate Mentalist Scott Xavier will create unique and unforgettable have created entertainment for your next company holiday party,  Christmas parties, or meeting!

For the past 6 months I have been working as the house magician at the world-famous Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key Florida. Here I met many celebrities and business owners. The question they always ask me is what can I do for the corporation.

Being the premiere corporate Mentalist and hypnotist, I can put a unique spin on your company party. From reading the minds of your guests to sending a corporate message in each and every one of my presentations, your products and your corporate slogan will be interwoven into each and every effect that I do.

Until you’ve had the experience of Scott Xavier reading your mind at your Christmas party, you never really understand the power and excitement that a corporate event could have by adding Mentalist Scott Xavier to your Christmas or Holiday party.

People are always wondering about catering and decorative ornate fixtures for tables at corporate functions such as holiday parties, but those are quickly forgotten. The one thing that will never be forgotten is having corporate Mentalist Scott Xavier read your mind and create once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as bending a signed and borrowed quarter in their hand using your mind power.

Individually developed presentations for your key note our corporate function

Mentalist Scott Xavier doesn’t believe in creating the ordinary. Each and every one of his events is custom crafted to your precise entertainment needs. From reading the minds of your audience members you getting your trade show guests to remember your phone number using a uniquely crafted demonstration of memory skills, Scott Xavier wilcraft your message your slogan and all of your selling points directly into audience Interactive demonstrations. Why settle for the ordinary when your company demands to be seen and be unique.

Scott Xavier is the key to unique and audience interactive corporate events and Unforgettable holiday events. If you’re looking for the perfect corporate Entertainer for your next holiday gathering, don’t forget to hire Scott Xavier…