The finest Corporate Hypnotist for unforgettable events!

Corporate Comedian & Hypnotist Scott Xavier – Exciting audience interactive events!

Hypnotist at a corporate event!Excite your audience by making them the stars of your event!

Scott Xavier is a clean comedy Corporate Hypnotist that excites business audiences across the globe! From corporate events for the Virgin corporation in London England to entertaining crowded trade show room floors at CES in Las Vegas; Xavier is the name for dynamic and entertaining events at meetings and company functions of all kind that your guests will NEVER forget, unless Scott hypnotizes them to.

Create the ULTIMATE corporate entertainment!

It’s a mix of a well dress keynote speaker who mixes psychological illusions of REAL MIND READING, Hypnosis, and comedy into a corporate entertainment that will keep them laughing all night.

Corporate hypnotist & entertainer Scott Xavier

is a dynamic and charming mentalist and hypnotist who mixes the powers of the mind into a 45 minute event of non-stop fun where your company message is the star of each presentation. The comedy hypnosis is NEVER off-color and always business appropriate,  so you can rest assured that you will be the REAL STAR of the night.