Unforgettable Mentalist for Hire in Los Angeles- Scott Xavier

Mentalist in Los Angeles County for corporate eventsYour guests can’t believe their eyes as they experience an unforgettable magical experience as Los Angeles magician who is a unique corporate entertainment reads your mind and borrowed objects levitate! Mixing together award-winning magician sleight of hand with a mentalists psychic like illusions, your party will be the one they talk about forever and never forget.

In Los Angeles, entertainment has as to be of the highest quality. This is why your guests deserve something new and unique that will leave with stories they will be spreading for a lifetime. Los Angeles Magician & Mentalist Scott Xavier is that unique entertainment for corporate events, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, trade shows, or anytime you need to leave your guests with UNFORGETTABLE memories.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party in Hollywood, Ca. or you’re looking to excite your Los Angeles trade show booth by attracting more customers with an interactive comedy magician, Scott can create a custom night of interactive memories. Call Los Angeles magician & mentalist Scott Xavier tonight for custom entertainment ideas for your Los Angeles magic special event needs.

L.A. Illusionist & Forensic Mind Reader

Whether you need a strolling LA magician for that cocktail party in Los Angeles or a stage illusionist to produce your CEO for that corporate magician show in Los Angeles, corporate mentalist Scott Xavier is the perfect addition to your Los Angeles event! With over 76% of Fortune 500 companies routinely hiring the sleight of hand magic of illusionist Xavier, don’t your guests deserve the same level of elite success at your party.

Mentalist Xavier Performs Unforgettable Los Angeles Corporate Events LA Mentalist Crafting Amazing Memories.  Mind Reading Magician from New York NYC Event Magician