Last Updated: July 26th 2016

.:The Best Corporate Mentalist & Magician is Scott Xavier;  is the to successful Fortune 500 event entertainment!:.



Your CEO will thank you for elevating your company event by exciting your guests minds with interactive mind reading and hypnosis.

Corporate Mentalist performing for a company party in ChicagoAn upscale mind reader featuring top rated entertainment. Scott mixes mind reading, magic, hypnosis comedy, & audience interactive events!

As an event planner you are expected to find the perfect entertainer for your corporate event, and corporate mentalist Scott Xavier is your solution! With over a decade of experience generating his income from company event functions, you know mentalist Scott Xavier has the right blend of business appropriate mind reading, comedy, MIND BLOWING entertainment, friendly personable demeanor, and a crafted business etiquette honed after thousands of hours of shows for exclusive Fortune 500 corporate events. You could go watch the dozens of video testimonials from meeting planners and celebrities above, but who can question the level of skill and class from this reviewer:

You are the BEST I’ve seen! 


Scott EXCITES audiences as an interactive keynote speaker, entertainer, & comedian that GUARANTEES to motivate and promote your corporate brand with moments of REAL magic to help your guests relax, while promoting learning and focus!

TV Show Mentalist VideosScott Xavier is a proven brand that is called a “corporate mentalist or magician” depending on who you talk to. While some know his as that mind control hypnotist guy who made rapper Ice Cube do some crazy stuff at a private VIP party in Chicago sponsored by Playboy. Buy still, there are some who think he should be at comedy clubs working as a corporate comedian. The truth is that with a psychology background and a former job as a Forensics technician, your guests get a unique corporate entertainment mixture of many different polished skills. Scott becomes the perfect host for your night with his corporate mentalist showman charm and audience interactive demonstrations!

In Beyond Magic, his 55 minute keynote entertainment Xavier takes your audience (guests) on a fast-paced, interactive, and customizable show getting them on the edge of their seats and then relaxing them back down with business appropriate humor. Xavier presents his show using his forensics psychology as an answer as to how the mind reading, hypnosis, and magic is occurring!

“They aren’t audience members… It’s my job to make them feel like guests in my home and I’m a Hollywood socialite making them have an unforgettable experience!” 

Your magic is GREAT, however the way you interact with us and make an experience out of your show, that is truly AMAZING! 

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Magishing around

Scott is a trained forensic mind-reader and mentalist, guessing thought-of words, names, dates, and pictures with a $100,000 guarantee.

An award-winning magician, Xavier will provide the perfect mix of cocktail strolling magic and then mix in what rated the BEST CORPORATE MIND READER ever!

VIP night mentalist performanceUsing waking  hypnosis your guests will forget the number 4, lose their strength, forget to read, and even have their hands stuck tables and even their heads using psychology!

Xavier is a university decorated memory expert and human calculator able to produce fast paced and interactive demonstrations guaranteed to drop jaws!

Psychological illusions such as a levitating table as well as producing your CEO can also be mixed into this fully customizable event. Never demeaning,

Xavier uses clean corporate comedy to polish up this all inclusive night of entertainment into a symphony of the mind.

Custom programs are our business. If you have special VIP guests you want used in the show, it’s no problem! We encourage audience interaction. Have a product you need fully explored and it’s benefits emphasized? This corporate entertainer will provide you with a magic way to showcase and keep emphasizing these benefits. We have ideas on how to celebrate new employees, retirees, new babies, promotions, and more… Call (312) 725-0190 today to reserve your date as dates fill up fast, or fill out the form on the contact page for faster service, and remember we want your event to be perfect and there is never any commitment to hire immediately, and we can work together to make your corporate mentalist hosted event the “talk of the water cooler!”

You’ll become the celebrity of the event when your coworkers rave about how their minds were read!

For a more detailed definition of the word-

MENTALIST check out the urban dictionary!

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