The Best Corporate Mentalist & Magician, Scott Xavier; the secret to successful Fortune 500 company event entertainment!

Scott Xavier mixes mind reading, magic, hypnosis comedy, & audience interactive events!

Corporate mind reader posterAs an event planner you are expected to find the perfect entertainer for your event, and corporate mentalist Scott Xavier is your solution! With over a decade of experience generating his income from company functions, you can understand that this mentalist has the right blend of business tested mind reading, comedy, MIND BLOWING entertainment, friendly personable demeanor, and a crafted business etiquette honed after thousands of hours of shows for exclusive Fortune 500 corporate events.

Scott EXCITES audiences as an interactive keynote speaker, entertainer, & comedian that GUARANTEES to motivate and promote your corporate brand with moments of REAL magic! 

Scott becomes the perfect host for your night with his corporate mentalist showman charm and audience interactive demonstrations! Scott is a trained forensic mind-reader and mentalist, guessing thought-of words, names, dates, and pictures with a $100,000 guarantee.

An award-winning entertainer, Xavier will provide the perfect mix of cocktail strolling magic and then mix in what rated the BEST CORPORATE MIND READER!

Xavier presents his show using his forensic mind reading as an answer as to how the mind reading, hypnosis, and magic is occurring!
Last Updated: December 2nd 2016

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