So is Scott Xavier a magician, illusionist, & a mentalist?
In a short one word answer, yes! Scott doesn’t believe in classifications. From winning several close up magic awards, performing large illusions on cruise ships, to working at trade shows as a mentalist and a magician; Scott crafts moments of real excitement and mystery into people’s lives. You get an entertainer who helps host your event in an unforgettable light.

What is a mentalist?
It has been said that a mentalist is a performer who uses his 5 senses to create an illusion of a sixth. Using an innate skill of intuition and mixing in subtle hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, non-verbal communication, body language, and deception Scott Xavier paints a performance of the paranormal! Think of a magician such as David Blaine mixed with a JEDI.

What shows won’t Scott Perform at?
Honestly if Scott Xavier likes you, he will perform just about any show. However, Scott Xavier performs mostly corporate meetings, seminars, trade shows, banquets, and similar events. From gathering crowds at busy trade show booths to crafting team building seminars with a psychic murder mystery theme, corporate magician and mentalist Scott Xavier can and will make all your corporate, college, and private events the talk of their lives! Scott CONSISTANTLY gets hired back. That’s the best proof of his skills.

A standard 8.5′ x 11′ works perfectly. The height is up to you, however bare in mind that the higher it is the better people can see. Two small tables. The two tables should be table cloth draped. Position the tables on the left and right rear of the stage.

One Lavaliere (Clip on) wireless microphone. Scott Xavier uses both hands in his performance so this is a must! A second hand held mcrophone will be required for the participants to use on stage, so a microphone stand will also be needed. Remember a performer is only as good as his equipment, so an exceptional sound system and an engineer would be preferable to ensure your show is 200%.

House lights. The room must be lit enough that any participant canbe able to read a book or write a note from their table! If the professional option is available: a stage wash, spotlighting the center of the stage, and a well lit room would be perfect. Also a lighting hand can be ready to follow Xavier with the spotlight.

Requirements Although not essential, an over head video projector (a large screen tv will also work) with HDMI inputs is recommended to ensure the best possible show. With addition of this projector, it helps to have someone with a standard knowledge of it’s use on hand to operate it.

For banquets and dinner style entertainment, after desert tme is the ideal time for the performance.


Ladies and Gentlemen! Our guest speaker this evening has been on television such as MTV, WGN, FOX, and NBC. For the past 20 years he has studied the mysteries of the paranormal and now he uses the five senses to create the illusion of a sixth sense. He wants you to remember that the show gets more fun the more you participate. Please help give a warm welcome to Scott Xavier.

Closing Remarks Scott is available after the program if you would like to meet with him. Make sure you ask him for a business card or a DVD.

How do I book Scott Xavier?
Call us or email us and we will handle all the details. Just sign a contract and return it at least one month prior to the show, and we will ensure your event is really magical.

Contracts, they scare me.
Why? Contracts ensure that your date is secured. If you are on a hold, it is simply to ensure you get first shot at the date. Contracts are the only sure fire way to guarantee bookings. The contracts need to be received at least one month prior to show time to ensure that travel arrangements can be made. Last minute travel can get pricey so a contract ensures that our intent to perform will be upheld.

How do you accept Visa?
To save on credit card processing fee’s and to ensure your price stays low, we use a personal on site credit card processor known as Square. If you are more comfortable with PayPal or Google Wallet, we have both options also available! Alternatively the square credit card processing system may also be used.

Insurance and Promotion
To keep costs low, Insurance and promotion of the performance is up to the client. Scott does not do anything dangerous nor is any actual hypnosis used. As such you have no risk to your venue. A liability waiver can be issued upon request.

If you require posters or fliers a limited supply can be sent upon request. Please include your shipping address upon requesting material.

Is travel expense included in show pricing?
For the most part, YES! You may have to book a hotel depending on distance travelled to the show.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Check, VISA and Mastercard credit cards, cash, & cashier’s checks.

Will I need to have a deposit?
Depending on the season, show type, travel, and other factors a deposit of about half the show amount may be required.

Payment for performance is required on the date of performance!