December 8, 2015 scottxavier

Google utilizes secret mentalism algorithm to predict 2016 election!

Google predicts the 2016 election


It’s funny when I make a prediction, people think it’s supernatural. When Google predicts an election, they think it’s an algorithm. Just like mind readers, such as myself, google uses certain trends and knowledge to predict the outcome of an event. In the case of the presidential election of 2016, it comes down to two candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. While Google seems to favor Hillary Clinton, I feel like the nation has been too beat up over the past two terms of President Obama to start democrat, and let’s face it Democrats won’t win two presidential candidates back to back. Predominantly throughout history, the swing of justice must go both ways.

Taking in account the feelings of the hearts and minds of the nation might be on my side as a mentalist. Looking at the political forecast, the rage amongst the population, the state of the nation, the amount of jobs out lack there of, the rage over terrorism, and all the other factors that are in play; you realize that there really are only two choices for candidates in the United States.

Bernie Sanders is too much of a hot bed issue. He wants to do away with big oil and stop exploring for new oil sites, this means that all the lobbyists money will go towards either Clinton or Trump.

Bernie Sanders has a decent chance to get elected, but since the popular vote does not count, he will never get elected. First off I highly doubt from all the charter that is out there that he will even be chosen for the Democratic nominee. There are way too many rich far cats, and Democrats are getting rich too, what do you think happens from all those carbon credits? Who wants to give that up to socialist democracy. The idea of working for the betterment of mankind sounds great until you realize most of America is broke and lazy, they just don’t want to work. It would be lovely to have a nation where everybody is equal, but without the drive of money and excitement to do better from the game of success, there is no drive to make America great. For all the lovely socialists that are out there, there are equal amounts of money hungry capitalists who are willing to back oil companies as well as sell out America. So Bernie Sanders is pretty much null and void.

Mentalist uses applied psychology to predict the 2016 presidential elections

This means we really have only Donald Trump left. The problem with trump is he’s too radical. There’s a lot of uncertainty with who actually determines who is the president also. I’d like to say it is on popular vote, but it truly isn’t. See, you have to question who are the Electoral College and who lines they’re pockets? And the question is do they prefer Trump or Clinton?

It seems like Clinton might be the easier of the two to get in office. But with as much turmoil and unemployment in the world right now, I think this might be the only time that Trump actually has a chance to become president.

So as you see sometimes predicting the future is not so much a supernatural occurrence but rather finding knowledge and deciding how that will impact the future. Don’t forget that emotion and direction derives the game as well, and Google can’t wager that.

Google has algorithms that determine facts. Google predicts either Trump or Clinton, and so do I. Google is slanting more towards Clinton, I’m dancing more towards Trump. With the current state of the Paris attacks and San Bernardino attacks, I think the United States is ready for somebody who’s stronger and more anti terrorist. With the Benghazi scandal and the email server in question I do not think Clinton will win out.

So… The question is, will I be right? Only time will tell.

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