November 23, 2016 scottxavier

How to stop more client leads at your trade show!

The secret to stopping qualified leads at your next trade show booth

Have you ever wondered why the big guys stop more customers at their trade shows booths?

Secrets to stopping more qualified leads at a trade show booth

It’s simple… People are attracted to glitz and glamour. Here’s a few simple guides to generating leads at your next trade show!

  1. Go big or go home. A booth needs to be seen. Focus on aisle corners near the front and have room for people to stop by and chat with your sales team. No one likes to feel cramped!
  2. I hate to admit it, but pretty sells. It at the very least stops tired customers to chi chat. Have a sales model or presenter works! Also having a gimmick like a magician or mentalist helps a ton as well!
  3. Catch them with freebies. Pens or candy can give people a reason to stop and gives your sales team a second to chat with them.
  4. Giving away an iPad cab get your customers to sign up and generate a huge marketing list!

As always keep it fresh. You can always higher a trade show magician such as myself to shake things up a bit.

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