New Orleans Mentalist & Magician for Corporate and Private Events

New Orleans magician and mentalist

Corporate Magician Scott Xavier in New Orleans GTE EventWhether you are looking for a strolling close up magician to dazzle a company crowd or you need a New Orleans mentalist to perform a jaw dropping full stage show, Scott Xavier is the secret to unforgettable events in New Orleans. Scott is a regular at trade show booths as a magic presenter and hospitality suite mentalist entertainer. From the age of eight when he obtained his first magic trick from Jax Brewery in New Orleans, Xavier has been developing one of a kind interactive mentalism that is guaranteed to entertain at your event. Visit the testimonials link to the right and you can experience what top execs at Fortune 500 companies have to say about Scott Xavier’s mentalism and illusions.

If you are looking for that special entertainment to set off your trade show booth and collect more leads, or if you would like a mentalist for your hospitality suite, Scott Xavier is the solution to unforgettable entertainment for corporate events in New Orleans.

“You are AMAZING! I want to tip you…” A Street Performer watching Scott Xavier bend a quarter in Bourbon Street In New Orleans.

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