November 21, 2016 scottxavier

The perfect Holiday party entertainment!

Holiday Party entertainment your guests will NEVER forget!

holiday party entertainment

The Holiday Party entertainment is ESSENTIAL for the end of year party. Holiday parties have become the perfect way for companies to craft a moment of thank you to their employees! Having the perfect entertainment is essential to help create the perfect mood for your evening.

By hiring corporate mentalist & magician Scott Xavier for your holiday party entertainment, you will excite your party with an award-winning entertainer who will leave your guests astounded. From strolling your cocktail party to providing an audience interactive stage show, your guests will have their minds read, experience mind over matter psychokinesis, and other psychological-illusions. Mixing in just enough comedy your night will rise above everyones standards, and you will become the true star of the night. This is the reason why Scott Xavier is hired back consistently at exclusive Fortune 500 company events when they need unforgettable entertainment.

Whether you call him a corporate mentalist or magician, your guests will never forget the fun they experience. As January is now becoming the new December, reserve your date now so that you will be able to experience what was called amazing by America’s Got Talent…

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