November 17, 2016 scottxavier

Predicting the World Series- One night in Gettysburg

Predicting the World series

Being a  Mentalist I’ve studied many prophets abilities to read minds and foretell the future. This World Series finale game was almost a prophetic vision for myself. I knew before the game even started and before the season started that the Chicago Cubs would make it to the World Series. I told some friends and Gettysburg before the game started I predicted this years ago and that the Cubs would actually win. I’m not sure how much of what I do is actually psychic and how much is actually statistics but I can tell you that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Chicago Cubs were going to win.

Everybody was asking a Mentalist if you’re really able to predict the future, which I’m not because I’m a mind-reader, but nobody realizes that. Tell us who’s going to win the World Series. I told them put your money on the Chicago Cubs. Everybody’s like no it’s going to be Ohio they’ve got it I know this. I was like you listen to me now I’ve never been more sure of this or anything else in my life the Chicago Cubs will win in 2016.

Now famous in Gettysburg I’ve got a strange name for myself as being the guy who predicted the Chicago Cubs. Start scaring people I’ve kind of scared me. There’s times in my life when I can just sense things and they come to me. Such as the fact that Donald Trump will win the presidency. If you look at my archives above, I predicted over a year ago that Donald Trump would Slaughter Secretary of State Clinton in an election.

President trump predicted...

The media may have you believe that he lost the popular vote. But this is not true I have a feeling and a prediction that if they start counting the absentee ballots which they normally don’t, he’ll be over 400,000 additional popular votes would you put him slightly above g Hilary Clinton. Once again the people of Gettysburg were scared but my bility to predict the presidential nomination to. You see sometimes you just give visions and you go with them. And that’s what I do. I’m not sure if it’s psychic I’m not sure if it’s wisdom but it is so clear in my mind the outcome of the world that one comes to me I have to to let it be known.

Here’s my tweet from a year ago where Google predicts Clinton but I predict president Trump

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