December 10, 2016 scottxavier

Reading minds at a Muskegon Holiday Party – Confessions of a corporate mentalist

Muskegon Michigan holiday party entertainer & mentalist Scott Xavier rocks the Nichols party

Another successful party last night for the Nichols paper supply corporation! What a huge success! The owners and employees were lovely! I received my first standing ovation!

Pam the organization liaison said sunbathing I have to work on: you blow our minds when you read them, so we don’t know when to applaud….
Kevin one of the managers said: we never have people stay as late as they did with you! They loved your mind reading!

Corporate pay in muskegons gourmet dessert

Corporate mentalist for your special event

Then there’s that moment when Cassandra challenges me to read her mind and tell her the name of a street she’s thinking of. And I ask her does it start with an E? She says no… And I go oh yeah I’m being dyslexic that’s the last letter right? At that moment you realize the mentalist has been scraping with you the whole party long!

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