Renaissance Faire magicianRenaissance Faire Magician & Hypnotist

Scott Xavier the Great

From the stages of the University of Bristol Renaissnce Faire in England to the streets of Las Vegas’s Age of Chivalry festival, urban mystic Scott Xavier presents live theatrical magic that appears real! A type of wandering wizard, Xavier comes out in a robe and begins to present the impossible! From Beijing China to Paris France, Xavier like his character is a traveling sorcerer and entertainer who travels the world and presents these skills at your renaissance fair! From Hypnosis in London to the ninja like skills of visionless sight of Muay Thai combat training, Xavier makes a side show like exhibition of magic, mentalism, and Hypnosis into an unbelievable renaissance fair character!

You will have your mind read, your pocket change will bend in your closed fist, money will multiply, and you’ll even experience the skill of magical levitation; and all this is just before the intermission!

With nearly a dozen different Renaissance fairs under his belt, this magician knows how to hold an audiences attention using comedy, magic, and hypnosis.

Whether you are looking for the perfect street busker or a crown captivating stage magician and mind reader, medieval magician Scott Xavier the Great is guaranteed to hold your audiences spellbound!

 What is the meaning of a Renaissance Fair Magician

Renaissance faire wizardCharacter: Scott Xavier is a sorcerer. Garbed in attire from the renaissance, he is a well travelled unique attraction that Kings and Queens have raved about. From a far east land garbed in silk robes and similar attire, Xavier presents real demonstrations of mind reading, money multiplication, hypnosis, and beyond…
Adorned in a robe and simple Oriental shaman clothing, Xavier looks like a warrior monk! Able to hold his own in a fight or cast of evil spirits with his amulets, Xavier is a real renaissance sorcerer.

Magicians for ages dressed like the Oriental Wizard for they were the MOST POWERFUL!

Towards the end of the renaissance, magicians opted for the court wizard style, and this lost standing in society. But during the height of the renaissance period, magicians helped rule societies.


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