July 4, 2016 scottxavier

This secret saves this mentalist hundreds on airfare!

International touring corporate mentalist reveals secret to saving big on airfare!

Because I travel all the time as a corporate Mentalist, I have to save money where I can. Airfare is one of the biggest expenses any businessman can come into. This is why I have found this interesting trick to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on airfare a year. Most people book airfare on Saturdays, and this is horrible! The weekends are the beginning of the sales Wars, so that’s when the prices come out. If you really want to save money you book on a Tuesday, all Airlines compete and will price match competing Airlines prices on Tuesdays, and will often even go lower on the competition will. To learn more about this check out the link below http://diply.com/love-eat/article/airline-airplane-ticket-deal

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