July 4, 2016 scottxavier

Unique corporate entertainment for your sales meeting or holiday party!

Corporate Mentalist Scott Xavier will create unique and unforgettable have created entertainment for your next company holiday party,  Christmas parties, or meeting!

For the past 6 months I have been working as the house magician at the world-famous Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key Florida. Here I met many celebrities and business owners. The question they always ask me is what can I do for the corporation.

Being the premiere corporate Mentalist and hypnotist, I can put a unique spin on your company party. From reading the minds of your guests to sending a corporate message in each and every one of my presentations, your products and your corporate slogan will be interwoven into each and every effect that I do.

Until you’ve had the experience of Scott Xavier reading your mind at your Christmas party, you never really understand the power and excitement that a corporate event could have by adding Mentalist Scott Xavier to your Christmas or Holiday party.

People are always wondering about catering and decorative ornate fixtures for tables at corporate functions such as holiday parties, but those are quickly forgotten. The one thing that will never be forgotten is having corporate Mentalist Scott Xavier read your mind and create once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as bending a signed and borrowed quarter in their hand using your mind power.

Individually developed presentations for your key note our corporate function

Mentalist Scott Xavier doesn’t believe in creating the ordinary. Each and every one of his events is custom crafted to your precise entertainment needs. From reading the minds of your audience members you getting your trade show guests to remember your phone number using a uniquely crafted demonstration of memory skills, Scott Xavier wilcraft your message your slogan and all of your selling points directly into audience Interactive demonstrations. Why settle for the ordinary when your company demands to be seen and be unique.

Scott Xavier is the key to unique and audience interactive corporate events and Unforgettable holiday events. If you’re looking for the perfect corporate Entertainer for your next holiday gathering, don’t forget to hire Scott Xavier…

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