Add this unique Corporate Magician to your next meeting and convention entertainment

As a meeting planner you understand that you need to set your events apart, why not use corporate magician & mentalist Scott Xavier to excite, entertain, and motivate your audiences.

The BEST I have ever seen! -Michael Jordan

Not just a corporate magician, Xavier mixes forensic mentalism, comedy, audience interactive effects that make your guests shine, and an understanding of how to carry across your business slogan and meeting points to make it more than information and more of a business event with a keynote flare.

All year round, your employee and sales team work hard to make your business a profit. Why not give back to them by hiring corporate magician Scott Xavier to perform a stage show or wander your cocktail event and bring joy to every attendee.

Your guests will be blown away as Xavier demonstrates that it is OK to believe in magic once again. From bending coins with a thought, escaping a straight jacket while upside down, magically producing a CEO, floating borrowed tables, multiplying money, and reading minds; you’ll understand why top Fortune 500 companies hire corporate magician & mentalist Scott Xavier to excite their meetings and events.

Corporate Meeting Entertainment & Trade Show Magician

corporate magicianAs a corporate magician, Xavier has performed at many business events that allow him to know how to make every event a lasting success. From the worlds largest trade show CES to the crowded business meetings of Kellogg; Xavier has had audiences cheering and remembering business benefits of products. He becomes an artistic salesman using magic tricks and mentalism as his paint.

As a trade show magician, Xavier draws huge audiences to trade show booths while creating a memory of magic with your products. While inside of the bustling meeting rooms of various Fortune 500’s, this corporate magician gives the correct mixture of meeting relaxation and covert learning!