November 19, 2015 scottxavier

Unique corporate Mentalist in Florida

Unique Mentalist in Jacksonville for unforgettable corporate event entertainment

Jacksonville home of Mentalist XavierI’m A travelling corporate Mentalist and as such I don’t remember where home is anymore. These days I’ve been calling Saint Augustine home and as such I’ve been performing mentalism and Hypnosis at company parties across Florida, in particular Jacksonville. Whether you are generating money at a fundraiser or entertaining your employees at a corporate holiday party, Scott Xavier is there perfect entertainer who is guaranteed to be the talk of your office come Monday.

Florida Mentalist and mind readerCorporate Magician & Mentalist in Orlando creating lasting memories

Disney brings millions of corporate guests a year to Orlando, but when Fortune 500 companies such as Kellogg’s need to attract customers at a trade show booth with entertainment or to generate unforgettable keynote events, they hire corporate Mentalist Scott Xavier to excite their events. Top event planners know that when they need their parties to be truly unique and to be recognized, they shake things up by having Mentalist Xavier read minds and present corporate messages in his illusion demonstrations.

Miami and Key West Magician for elite and unique social events and cocktail party entertainment

When families and event planners need to excite their cocktail parties or special events such as a wedding, the name that is most brought up is Mentalist and illusionist Scott Xavier. Discerning party planners agree that by hiring Scott Xavier just roll their cocktail events and parties, using mind reading and illusions to dazzle there guess, there are insured to have a once in a lifetime experience. Brave about the comedy and interaction they experienced. Never blue or risky, Xavier mixes mentalism hypnosis Andalusian to ensure that your event is the one they will never forget about. Don’t your guests deserve the best entertainment possible? How your Scott Xavier today…

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