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Using entertainment at a trade show to be the IT company! -Trade Show Magician

Trade Show Magician & Mentalist Scott Xavier
Creating the IT Trade Show EVENT of the year!

Using your existing entertainment and presenters to create a after trade show party!

A big big thank you to your clients!

The Best Trade Show Magician

Look at the excitement of this customers face at the G-Tech booth at CES as trade show magician Scott Xavier destroys his mind!

A trade show is the perfect opportunity to give back to our current customers as well as wrangle in new perspectives. Every event planner should look at trade shows and conferences as a perfect solution to drawing huge crowds to your product. Where else do you have access to hundreds if not thousands of prospective clients who are looking for your product. Now all we have to do is entice them towards your company using some trade show magic

Ethanol trade show booth hires a mentalist to do the impossible | 1

Working the Ethanol Trade Show as the Phibro Trade Show Magician.

For over a decade I’ve been working with select customers including Harley-Davidson, Kellogg, Phibro chemicals, G-tech Solutions, and a plethora of others as a trade show magician and events coordinator. I was once told that a company, who shall remain nameless, had decided that they didn’t need me anymore. So one year they stopped using me. The following trade show season they came back to me and admitted that they couldn’t draw the crowds that I was, because they didn’t have the same perceived value anymore. You see I am a trade show magician and presenter, and I work with some of the best models and entertainers in the business. If you are looking to create an event that your customers will talk about, all year around, I have the solutions. And that’s what this article is about.

The after party is one of the biggest solutions to draw customers and prospective to your brand name. Also known as a hospitality suite party, these draw in huge numbers. They do not have to be limited to hospitality Suites which can range in the thousands per night. Instead you could always rent out a ballroom or conference room at the trade show events hotel.

Ethanol trade show booth hires a mentalist to do the impossible | 3I have a graphic designer who works for me, who actually creates interesting invitations that attract different customers. At a recent breakfast seminar, I made golden tickets for a partner company and we gave them out to their guests. The moment you looked at our invitation you knew you were a VIP. Getting a golden ticket with the name of the party, with a roster of all the entertainment that will be there, and the fact that there is an open bar raised a lot of eyebrows. It allowed us to show that we were a brand that really valued customers and value the people that we gave them to. Our sales team were even being bribed for tickets to the party.

Imagine getting an invitation that said that you had an America’s Got Talent appearing mind reader going to be reading minds, an NFL Hall of Famer such as Warren Sapp,  or a dueling comedy piano Duo. Which client would not want to be at this event? And ensuring that your current customers get the VIP tickets first, creates a huge books throughout the trade show. Your brand name will be the one that they will never forget.

Often at trade shows we do spend a lot of money, but it’s worth it. All of the trade show dollars are actually a tax write off. And entertainers can get a 1099 at the end of the year which means that they’re completely a tax write-off. Let’s not forget that anytime you’re entertaining customers or prospective customers you get a higher amount back on you tax write off.

Working New Orleans as a Corporate Mentalist @ Global Trend Events | 45Various trade show party ideas-

  • White Party
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Fantasy Themed
  • PJ Party
  • A ROCK party
  • Cajun night

When Fortune 500 companies need to create an amazing trade show entertainment, they hire me, trade show magician Scott Xavier to “Rock the House“!

Trade Show Magician | 1But let’s get serious it isn’t free. So sometimes we do need to cut corners if we rent out a conference room or a Hospitality Suite, we have the ability of offering open bars at a cheaper rate than if we’re renting out a ballroom and using the hotels bar. So consider this when you’re making your plans. You can get a novelty bartender too, who acts as both a magician and a bartender or a juggler and bartender using some flair. You can also stop at Costco and get some quality alcohol for a very low price. The key is everybody must leave having fun. And have your salesman on their A game.

In the end it’s all about your customers experiencing your message. The key is to build contacts and create friendships and experiences that they cannot get anywhere else. Ensure that your brand name is the one that they will be coming back to in the future. I cannot tell you as a trade show magician how many times I have been able to draw people back to the booth and introduce them to our new products year after year. I become their friend and a row of celebrity. Because as a trade show magician I’m not only an Entertainer but I also become an extension of your sales team. I learn all the products you want to sell and how to get them into your customers Minds. I’m Scott Xavier and I can read your customers minds.

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